Proposal: Too similar application names

Vitezslav Humpa vhumpa at
Mon Jun 27 13:11:22 UTC 2011

>>>> That leaves terminal / Terminal, and all the system-config-* vs.
>>>> control-center components (things like Date & Time are identical between
>>>> the two). That seems a larger problem than just the menu entries,
>>>> though. There's kind of a demarcation question here; GNOME seems to have
>>>> decided various settings should be controlled by the desktop, and Fedora
>>>> probably needs to decide where it stands on that, whether all our other
>>>> desktop environments agree, and how to deal with overlapping tools for
>>>> such settings from all standpoints, not just menu entries. Where we
>>>> agree that something should be handed off from s-c-* to desktop control,
>>>> we should check on the current status of what the s-c-* app is capable
>>>> of and whether the GNOME app can do all the same stuff, and whether the
>>>> other desktops make it possible to deal with the same settings, I guess.

>>> I went through config utilities across different environments. In some
>>> cases definitely the s-c-* are being relied to for configuration
>>> completely, notably in cases of LXDE and Xfce too. Sometimes they
>>> overlap with the desktop environment specific utilities, but do the
>>> configuring in different scopes - e.g. s-c-keyboard will set the global
>>> system layout while xfce4 keyboard settings does it session-wise. Well,
>>> I'd say there is no point discussing the future of s-c-* utilities in
>>> respect to these environments, they are needed.

>>> Gnome(and KDE), perhaps with some exceptions, seem to cover s-c-*
>>> options rather well. I think we should consider simply removing the
>>> conflicting s-c-* from the menus altogether, thus getting rid of the
>>> duplicity. Should the user need to access these particular s-c-*
>>> utilities, they will still be present in the system.

>>> These are the ones, that are duplicate to the gnome-control-panel tools:
>>> system-config-date (Date & Time vs. Date and Time)
>>> system-config-printer (Printing vs. Printers)
>>> system-config-users (Users and Groups vs. User Accounts)

>> I would really rather they weren't installed at all, but that would do
>> fine in the meanwhile.

> Well, I don't see why we shouldn't do both. Don't install 'em by default
> for GNOME and KDE spins, *and* make 'em NotShowIn desktops where they're
> not really needed, so that if people install them for use in Xfce or
> LXDE or whatever, they don't show up in GNOME or KDE.

I've toyed with NotShowIn for the 3 utilities above and it looks like
it makes them hidden just fine. In case when I put NotShowIn multiple
times, e.g. once for GNOME and once for KDE, the setting gets ignored
by GNOME (KDE honours it). Although that is not a problem now, as it
looks like we want to hide these just in GNOME, as it was suggested
that KDE settings do not provide system-wide configuration.

Thus - would you guys agree to make the 3 duplicate system-config-*
utilities "NotShowIn" in GNOME? And if so, what steps should we take to
make this so?

Vita Humpa
Fedora QA

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