gdm changes and the live cd

Matthias Clasen mclasen at
Fri Mar 4 23:25:36 UTC 2011

There are some changes in GDM and GNOME3 that affect our live cd setup,
and will require some changes:

GDM no longer has a keyboard or language chooser. They were mainly added
to cater to livecd must-choose-before login scenarios, but they proved
to be really problematic ever since we added them, since they cause a
conflict between multiple configuration sources (system keyboard layout
vs stored user configuration vs login screen choice, etc). Without these
choosers, it doesn't really make sense anymore to stop at the login
screen with a time login, and we should consider to just autologin
directly to the user session. The session will start in English, and
users who need a different language will have to select the language in
System Settings > Region and re-login. Keyboard configuration is less
problematic, since it can be changed without requiring a re-login.

We no longer show icons on the desktop, so there is no immediately
obvious place to show the 'install to hard disk' launcher. The
alternatives are to make it a favourite in the shell overview, or to add
it as a menuitem in the user menu. Both of these have some drawbacks
(the favourite does not display any text, leaving the user to guess from
the icon, the user menu requires a gnome-shell patch). An alternative
I'd like to propose is to simply autostart the installer. That will make
it hard to overlook, and seems to nicely emphasize the main role of the
live cd as a convenient way to install Fedora.

Thoughts ?


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