Out-of-the-box broken spell-check with desktop spin

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Wed Aug 1 02:49:16 UTC 2012


A friend reported to me today that spell-checking in gedit was broken on
their Fedora 17 desktop live cd install. After some searching around on
the web, they figured out a workaround: installing enchant-aspell.

To me, it seems like a bug to ship with broken spellcheck. There seem to
be issues with both gedit and AbiWord:


It looks like the dictionaries were pulled out of the spin when the ISO
was just squeezing under size limits to save space:

I don't think we're that space constrained today, are we?  The spell
checking packages (to support English) seem to only be a couple megs
compressed. I'm wondering, since the live cd spin is only focused on
English-speaking users anyway (IIRC only English translations are
available on it), would it be worth considering shipping the English
dictionaries to save space yet still have functioning spell check?

It's also pretty unclear how to add dictionaries should you discover
they aren't there (maybe some packagekit integration needed?):

Or perhaps not installing/enabling spell-check in gedit by default since
it doesn't work by default? :-/

Anyway, this looked to me like it's been a problem for a few releases
now, across multiple bugs and apps, so I thought this might be a good
place to point it out. 


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