Out-of-the-box broken spell-check with desktop spin

Ray Strode rstrode at redhat.com
Thu Aug 2 15:38:11 UTC 2012

> aspell should be a red herring here.
> So..., gedit has a spell plugin
> (/usr/lib64/gedit/plugins/libspell.so)
> which links to enchant, and enchant defaults to including the
> hunspell
> plugin (with the aspell plugin an optional extra) so hunspell libs
> are
> presumably pulled in. So it must be the case that the hunspell-en
> dictionaries are not installed.
> i.e. if anyone has the problem then presumably rpm -q enchant
> hunspell
> succeeds, and rpm -q hunspell-en fails ?
> I'm going to assume that it's that problem, and marked most of these
> as
> duplicates of https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=573516 and
> there's a testing update of hunspell-1.3.2-5.fc17 now
So we have this in the desktop spin kickstart file:

# Dictionaries are big

I guess if you have a Requires: hunspell-en in hunspell you'll win over that, but we should probably fix the kickstart anyway.


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