upgrading issue to f18

Akira TAGOH tagoh at redhat.com
Fri Sep 28 04:10:20 UTC 2012

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| > If we absolutely need to have a solution that derives a default
| > input
| > source from the display language (which you still have to set up
| > initially, anyway), I would suggest to do it inside the
| > settings-daemon
| > plugin, and only if we detect a 'pristine' system, ie no input
| > sources
| > configured at all.
| We already do that, kind of, as we use the XKB configuration from the
| X server to set the default input-sources.
| I don't understand how this would have worked in the past. Would you
| have applied just the iBus configuration, just the XKB
| configuration, both? Where's the list of language to input sources
| matches?

What I'm mainly concerned are ibus. if we can have additional input source for ibus for certain languages, that would be nice though. that said it's a little another story. even if we have the sort of the table of the input source for ibus corresponding to the language, it may still introduces a regression in some cases. all of the necessary information for migration is in the ibus's configuration and it may be not necessarily same to what we expect. I suppose it can be migrated by rule. but I wasn't sure where it should be done.

If Matthias's idea is the way to go, we could add another path for upgrading: if the ibus's configuration is available, use it otherwise pick up from the table according to the display language say.


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