Fedora.next Product Branding

Ryan Lerch rlerch at redhat.com
Thu Nov 14 21:26:33 UTC 2013

*This is sent with my Fedora Design Team hat on*

With the creation of 3 products for Fedora, the Fedora Design Team 
anticipates manynewquestions aroundFedora'sbrand. As the main caretakers 
of the Fedora brand, weare going to have to figure these things out 
within the next few months. For example, the Design Team is starting to 
think about how to answer these types of questions:

• Should each product have its own logo? or
• Can you add our product to the Fedora website? or
• Can you make our product its own website? (How should we represent 
these products on the website? Should we allow products to have their 
own separate websites?)

To start off the rebranding discussion, the Fedora Design Teamhas4 basic 
questions for each of the 3 product-focused working groups to answer:

(1) What problem does your product solve, in one sentence?
(2) Who is the target audience for your product, in one sentence?
(3) List at least 5 products that successfully target the same target 
audience you are after.
(4) List at least 5 products that try to solve the same problem.

We are reaching out to each group individually to ask that you discuss 
these questions and come back to us with answers by Wednesday, December 


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