Draft Workstation WG Governance Charter

Josh Boyer jwboyer at fedoraproject.org
Wed Oct 30 13:01:52 UTC 2013

Hi All,

Below is a draft governance charter for the Workstation WG.  I have
taken much of this from the Cloud WG draft charter (found here:
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Cloud_WG) to have some commonality
between groups.  I left some of the sections from that off for now, as
I think that is their main landing page and we can fill in those
sections with our relevant details as we go.

Please read it over and provide any feedback or ask any questions you
may have.  Thanks!


== Fedora Workstation WG Governance ==

This document describes the governing structure for the Fedora
Workstation Work Group.

=== Membership ===

The Fedora Workstation Work Group has nine voting members, with one
member selected by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee as the
liaison to FESCo.

Members of the Working Group serve two year terms. At the end of the
two year period, FESCo will either renew the FESCo liaison or appoint
a new one. The other positions will be filled by general election
every two years. As a special exception, four seats will be filled in
one year, with those positions chosen at random (unless some number of
members decide to step down). Voting will follow the standard Fedora
election process and be open to all contributors in the CLA+1 group.

In the event that a current member relinquishes their seat, that seat
will be filled by the first runner up in the previous election.  If
that person is not able or willing to fill the seat, it will go to
each successive runner up until the seat is filled.  If there are no
candidates available or remaining from the previous election, the Work
Group will fill the seat by selecting a candidate and approving by
majority consensus.

NOTE: Clearly all of the above is open for discussion.  I've modelled
it after how FESCo current does their membership to a large degree.
If we want something else, please follow up with alternative

=== Current Members ===

* Josh Boyer (FESCo Liaison)
* Matthias Clasen
* Kalev Lember
* Ryan Lerch
* Jens Petersen
* Christian Schaller
* Owen Taylor
* Lukáš Tinkl
* Christoph Wickert

=== Making Decisions ===

Because Fedora is a global project, members of the working group may
be distributed across multiple timezones. It may be possible to have a
real-time IRC meetings, but in general we will conduct business on the
mailing list.

Many of our decisions can be made through "lazy consensus";. Under
this model, an intended action is announced on the mailing list,
discussed, and if there is no controversy or dissenting views with a
few days, simply done.

For bigger issues, where there may be disagreement, or where there is
long-term impact, or where an action may not easily be undone, we will
[1]... Working group members can vote +1 to approve, -1 to disagree,
or 0 to abstain; five +1 votes are necessary for a measure to pass.
Non-members may comment on the item and (of course) discuss on the
mailing list, but are asked to refrain from putting votes.

[1] NOTE: for the workstation WG, we have the following option for
dispute resolution:

1) Use a trac ticketing system as the cloud WG is doing
2) Come up with an official proposal voting system on the mailing list
(specific "Subject: [Proposal for Vote] ..." or something).
3) Schedule an IRC meeting and do the vote live.

I'm fine with any of these, though I will point out that live meetings
across all of our relevant timezones are difficult.  If we choose to
have a trac ticketing system (which can be used for votes and for
people to report issues), I can get that created.

=== Changing these Rules ===

This document will be approved by consensus of the initial Working
Group members and approved by FESCo. After initial ratification, any
substantive changes can be approved by majority vote and sent to FESCo
for acceptance.

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