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Tue Aug 12 15:44:44 UTC 2014

IMHO I would say that have a nice workstation for devs can be
mindblowing if we can provide instant base of development desktop and
such like developer assistant can be the key for this. Yes, we need a
stable base, that is not the most latest, but we have to give the
chance to have it - maybe with docker, or such. Also I think we need
for this a main hub - where people can follow and see the new things
are born, evolving - and maybe gets applied. We have an amazing Fedora
Hosted, what is our startup page for projects, and serves us since
from the begininnig. This service needs a kinda facelift with copr,
and some additional plus similar functions as now Kickstarter or
Indiegogo works - with some status marks (eg. under QA, requesting for
devs, possible feature candidate) - and be visible on your desktop
(eg. within Developer assistant) - that would be a killer service that
pulls more and more people in. Allow to have publishing about new
releases, changes on marketing channels - and workstation will
blossom. We have FedMsg, Fedocal, Fedora PackageDB online and many way
cool service that can be the string that connects community people
together. Just we need to connect the dots - and let it be able to
reach all of it within the workstation desktop.

2014-08-12 16:39 GMT+02:00 Christian Schaller <cschalle at>:
> I support continuing with a strong developer focus for the first few
> releases of the Workstation. Many of Langdons ideas are already in the pipeline and others
> can be added once we flesh them out, and some I think isn't as workable as his idea of staying
> on a given GNOME release for a few releases, but I agree with the underlaying notion that ABI stability
> for the desktop is something we need to focus on and work with upstream to focus on.
> Christian
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>> Subject: Developer focus for Fedora workstation
>> Some important talks from Flock:
>> First, Christian Schaller's "Fedora Workstation - Goals, Philosophy, and
>> Future" <>
>> Second, Langdon White's "Fedora for Developers"
>> <>
>> I'm particularly interested in feedback on the second one. A good discussion
>> started at the conference, but we ran out of time. Overall, it is somewhat
>> different from the "Workstation" idea I had in mind at last Flock and with
>> the _initial_ .next proposal, but I think Langdon and others arguing for
>> this more dramatic approach have convinced me.
>> What do you all think? The impact on F21 will be small, but a clear
>> direction here can guide our marketing, and, not so long from now, the
>> production of F22.
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