So are we skipping a gnome release?

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Sat Jan 25 18:40:04 UTC 2014

Elad Alfassa <elad at> wrote:
>GNOME 3.12 is due to be released in March, but as I understood there
>be another Fedora release before August. So what's the plan? Are we
>to skip GNOME 3.12 entirely? I would much rather if we could (for a
>lack of
>a better term) ignore the fedora package update guidelines and provide
>for F20 when it's released.
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Speaking personally, I'd like it if we could ship 3.12 as an update - if it doesn't have any really big surprises, compared to 3.10, I'll have to go back and check - and ship 3.14 with f21, getting back on our nice old 'cadence' (sorry, couldn't resist...) with GNOME.
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