Workstation release criteria draft, pt. 2 (with bonus test cases and matrix!)

Adam Williamson adamwill at
Fri Jul 4 23:16:28 UTC 2014

I've now extended the draft Workstation release criteria to cover the
functionality from the technical specification that seemed most to be
things that ought to be a part of the criteria. Here's the current

and here's the diff from where it was yesterday:

broadly, I added criteria requiring the 'core' applications listed in
the spec to be present at Beta time (they would not actually be required
to *work* at Beta time, but they would be required to work at Final);
requiring printing to work at Final; and requiring theming to be
consistent between supported toolkits at Final.

I wrote test cases for these criteria:

they're pretty simple so I didn't bother making them drafts, but of
course they can be adjusted as needed.

I also VERY quickly threw together (I am really rushing this, and
honestly kind of sad that no-one has offered any kind of help in this
area, despite the Fedora 21 Test Plan specifying that WGs were jointly
responsible for this work...) a validation matrix template page for
Workstation, modified from the existing Desktop validation matrix:

I have notes of four other areas where criteria may potentially be


do we want to have release criteria for some, all or none of those? i.e.
do we consider specific behaviour in any of those areas to be of
sufficient importance that we should block Alpha, Beta or Final releases
on it?

Adam Williamson
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