Should Firefox stay the default browser in Fedora Workstation?

Benjamin Kerensa bkerensa at
Mon Jun 9 04:49:56 UTC 2014

Hello All,

We've been watching this discussion from the Mozilla side and I come
sharing my own thoughts.

Some months ago Ubuntu had a similar discussion in regards to whether
continuing to have Firefox as the default browser was the right decision.
Ubuntu decided after much debate to keep Firefox for a number of reasons
including that its users really value it as a browser and technically it
was much more superior to the alternative they were looking at.

In regards to plugins being shipped with Firefox I think this is something
Mozilla would be happy to do if you want to have that discussion. After all
Ubuntu (Canonical) bakes in some extensions. The review process exists to
protect users not to restrict partners.

In regards to Firefox supporting distros like Fedora although Linux is a
minority operating system I can say Linux has a lot of allies upstream as
many Mozillians run popular distros like Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint etc. (Many
would probably be disappointed if Firefox was not offered by default)

I hope that before jumping to Gnome Web you will work with upstream to push
support for things you need.

Cheers and keep the good work on Fedora!

On Jun 8, 2014 12:02 PM, "Diogo Campos (cadastros)" <
cadastros at> wrote:
> It seems that the decision has already been made, but let me add a few
things I've been thinking, anyway:
> A big feature of Fedora Next/Workstation initiative is stop gluing things
and start building something more coherent. To do so would require not only
Fedora contribute to the upstream as well as influence it.
> Therefore, since Fedora is in much better position to influence the
development of the Web (as well as GNOME as a whole) than Firefox, I
believe that preinstall Firefox on Workstation (making it a official part
of the whole), especially patched with some extensions, isn't the best
> In other words, at least for me, to put the focus in Firefox will not
help GNOME Web to get "ready", and will not help Fedora reach its goals.
> Thanks for reading.
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