please help test and +1 workstation logo update for installer

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Thu Nov 20 15:59:00 UTC 2014


1. Start with beta (or some rc or nightly) Workstation LiveCD
   Leave the Welcome to Fedora window with "Install to Hard Drive" up; we
   will come back to it.

2.  On the livecd, update fedora-logos to at least 
    (Note that you should be able to do this with yum/dnf from the
    updates-testing repository.)

3. Also the livecd, install (or possibly update if using a nightly)
   fedora-productimg-workstation so you have at least version 21-5.
   This is not in testing yet; use

4. If using the beta, *update anaconda* -- dnf upgrade anaconda

5. Copy the files into place, exactly liike this:

   sudo cp -a /usr/share/lorax/product/* /

   (This is what the %post script in the liveCD kickstart does)

6. Go back to the Install to HD window, start installer.

7. Observe beautiful graphics -- will look like 

8. Give karma to

9. Awesome; thanks!

Matthew Miller
<mattdm at>
Fedora Project Leader

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