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Peter Laursen jazcyk at
Thu Jan 8 21:47:58 UTC 2015

I am in the process of buying a laptop for travel. it should be 13"-14".
relatively small and lightweight - and still with *power*.

I came across: They have the
option to purchase with no OS installed (hooray!) and you can choose
between different CPUs, RAM configs and disk systems. It is also not very
expensive specs taken into consideration, really.

But monitor is 3200x1800 pixels on a 13" monitor. And that is the problem.
This machine is designed for Win8, where the 'tiled interface' is DPI-aware
and will scale automatically.  I plan to install a dual-boot of Win7 and
Linux (SuSE or Fedora), and they will both be completely hopeless to use on
this system as everything (icons, controls) will be extremely small in
almost every interface and application.

I may opt for this instead: 14" monitor with
1920*1440 (HDMI) will just accurately work if the monitor is good quality.
It also has similar configuration options as the one above.

I dont think Linux Desktop people takes this seriously enough (or they do
not communicate it).  It will IMO take ~12 months and most laptops sold
will a have a monitor with so high resolution that the Linux Desktop will
be a museum item for people who like to play around with old hardware - and
as a hobby only (and same will be true for Win7) .

Are there any efforts anywhere in the Linux world considering support for
high monitor resolutions (auto-scaling based on DPI) like Mac/Retina and
Win8 has? What Linux desktops/window managers have it in progress?  Does
anybody know?

What say? Was it too provocative?

post mortem: this is of course not for "Fedora Desktop" only.  It is for
the future  of the "LInux Desktop" as such. But as Fedora now has a
dedicated Desktop distro they should be serious about it. I think there
should be no 'holy cows'. not X11 if Wayland does better and not Gnome if
Enlightment does better.

Hilsen / Regards

Peter Laursen
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