Linux desktop and high resolution laptops

Chris Murphy lists at
Sat Jan 10 22:12:46 UTC 2015

I have the previous (late 2013) Dell XPS 13, which does not have a
particularly hires display at 1920x1080 but is still more than a
Macbook Air. The new XPS 13 obliterates both of those at 3200x1800.

I've got very mixed opinions on the default GNOME experience. Text
overall renders better than on Windows 8 which I find to be too soft,
but the text is definitely too small on GNOME. So just making it
smaller is really not OK, but it's not so bad that I've decided to
fiddle with learning how to change it (yet). Therefore the UX is
"damn, so now I have to go learn how to change the rendered text size"
which is not the same thing as "it looks like crap" but it's just a
bit tedious this isn't figured out automatically.

Whereas Windows 8, it's go the text size right, but it's just fuzzy so
the UX is "umm, is the screen dirty? no it's brand new, hmm maybe I
need glasses? Uhh no, looks like it's just bad rendering."

For probably 3-4 years now I've though GNOME renders text better than
Windows, but the size is too small now, even though it's sharp.

Chris Murphy

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