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Sat Jan 10 23:07:36 UTC 2015

@drago1 .. you have posted two confilcting statements.

Frist you stated that if *the vertical resolution* ...  And you even wrote
a specific number (1440)
Next you stated that if *the DPI* ...
.. there is no simple correlation between monitor resolution and DPI (as
monitors have different size).

I know that Mac simply operates such a factor2 for 'retina' displays.  Win8
does not. It will simply scale to fit the monitor and it may result in a
zoom factor 1.2 1.4 ,1.5 or whatever (and @Chris .. that interpolation
could result in fonts appearing somewhat blurred) . And there also is a
user setting for zoom in the (traditionial) desktop context menu
.Addtitionally individual applications may be zoomed (with two-finger
gesture on touch screen or touchpad) if they are built for it (I tried to
find the docs in MSDN - cannot right now but there is one specific Windows
API function call that needs to be made). Try zooming Notepad or whatever
in Win8 like this: put two fingers on the touchpad and spread the fingers
(few non-Microsoft applications support it currently, but most of those
that ship with Win8 do - also those that run in the traditional desktop,
including Control Panel, Windows Explorer etc. ).

@Chris .. on my stationary (as said 27"  - 2560*1440) I think that
everything - icons, fonts etc. -  is too big.  Gnome is wasting my desktop
space here. Maybe it wold be Ok for a cheap TV set and similar not very
sharp screen - but not for a premium quality monitor as mine.

BTW: I was asking what logic Gnome uses. ;-)

-- Peter

On Sat, Jan 10, 2015 at 11:15 PM, drago01 <drago01 at> wrote:

> On Sat, Jan 10, 2015 at 10:12 PM, Peter Laursen <jazcyk at> wrote:
> > "If GNOME enters HiDPI mode with 1440 vertical pixels  "
> >
> > Could you please explain "If"? The question is: does* it use such simple
> > logic? Do you know about it? That would be ridiculous IMO. If not, it
> would
> > be nice if someone could elaborate the logic/algorithm Gnome uses.
> That's what hidpi displays are designed for. A 3200x1800 hidpi display
> renders like 1600x900 but with everything sharper. What GNOME does is
> trigger the hidpi mode if the display's dpi is over a threshold.
> That's what the "if" means.
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