RFC: F21 Workstation flyer

Donald Buchan malak at pobox.com
Sat Jan 10 23:41:17 UTC 2015

> https://ankursinha.fedorapeople.org/fedora-flyer-workstation/fedora-flyer-workstation-nimbus-sans.pdf

(snipetty snip)

> I was wondering if I should also make a general pamphlet for a non dev
> audience.



Ankur, if you'd like, send me a message and I would be pleased to give
you a hand from the perspective of a "regular desktop user" who isn't a
developer or even remotely involved in IT (beyond just being a home

I do want to say that as a general purpose desktop, Fedora 21 is both a
massive improvement over previous releases as well as a showcase of all
the cumulative improvements over the past few years.  I last had this
impression about Fedora with F14, except that at the time it was more a
matter of simply realizing that "it all *just*works*" without my being
aware of any specific improvement.  Well ok, I know now and knew then
how to make it "just work" for me, but with this release it's still
quite a noticeable improvement.

The biggest specific improvement I see is with the software installer
that is able to suggest available apps that aren't installed, but which
may be the kind that the user is looking for when they do a search in
the activities screen.

Even as a relatively long-term Fedora user (since 2008 and Fedora 9) I
am very pleased with how well integrated this release is for what I
would consider the "average desktop user".

Thank you all for the great release!

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