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@Chris .. very good link. Thanks!

-- Peter

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> Please see attached image.  I think many people here may not know Win8
> very well.
> This is the user control on a small 11" Win8 notebok (actually a tablet
> with an optional keyboard with built-in touchpad), that I use for GPS
> primarily. The physical resolution of the screen is 1920 horizontally. The
> traditional desktop interface scales as default to 1280. Usable, but
> everything is a little small though.
> However you can actually increase (but not decrease) to 125, 150, 200,
> 300, 400 and 500% of default sizes as the image shows. This setting has
> effect for the traditional desktop as such and all applications opening on
> it. Additionally applications (including the desktop itself) can be scaled
> individually with 'gesture' if they are built with the option (what few
> applications for traditional desktop are. Also not Notepad as I wrote
> before. But Explorer/Windows file manager is for instance).
> This provides reasonable control, but Win8's interface is confusing
> (settings are hidden behind a number of dialogs as often in Windows) and
> complexity of the workings of multiple settings doing partially the same is
> difficult to understand. And it also seems to have changed since I had this
> machine 10 months ago (maybe when upgrading from Win8 to 8.1). I remember
> it being otherwise and simpler, actually (I don't tweek it every week).
> Some details may change again with Win10.  It may also matter for some
> details here that Win8 idetifies this machine as a 'tablet' - probably
> because all that is not basic tablet hardware is attached with USB (not
> using a standard USB jack - but 'device manager' reports them as attached
> with USB, so they are!).
> -- Peter
> On Sun, Jan 11, 2015 at 12:01 PM, Chris Murphy <lists at>
> wrote:
>> This problem reminds me of this:
>> A 12pt font should look useful everywhere
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