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> And if it's not a firmware bug, should we be blocking on this until
> it's fixed? And should there be an explicit Secure Boot criterion?
> That second question might be of interest to the Server product also.
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I think we should definitely make sure Secure Boot works in any released
version of Fedora. Since most new (Windows 8 certified or whatnot) hardware
ships with Secure Boot enabled these days, secure boot failing to work
means installing Fedora might be difficult for users who don't know much
about Secure Boot. Additionally, it is an important security feature, so
asking users to disable it is not a good idea.

So yes, secure boot not working should be a release blocker.

Windows failing to boot from grub with secure boot enabled is a different
story. If users can pick Windows in their firmware's boot device menu and
it boots and grub is simply failing to chainload it, then it's much less
critical of an issue, so I'm not sure if it should be a blocker, but it's
still a thing we probably want to work too, because it not working does
hurt the dual-boot user experience a bit.

(I hope my input makes sense and is meaningful, if not please disregard)
-Elad Alfassa.
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