3rd Party Applications and Fedora Workstation

Christian Schaller cschalle at redhat.com
Mon Jan 19 18:28:05 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,
So I just posted a blog (1) updating the world on some of the changes are expecting in Fedora Workstation 22. One of the features I would love us
to take advantage off is the 3rd party repository support that Richard Hughes has added into GNOME Software (2).

While the development of this feature came about due to requirements that came up as part of our work on the RHEL Workstation, it also addresses
one of the main the concerns that where raised when we last had a discussion about this in the Fedora space, namely that it creates a clear difference
between software provided by the Fedora project itself, and thus conforms to our policies in terms of packaging and licensing, and software 
coming from a external source over which we have no real control or in any way endorse.

So there are still some practical challenges here. On one side I think the goal is that we want 'all' software you possibly can install on
Fedora available through the application (GNOME Software) that you expect to find all your software with. Especially due to being exposed
to Google Play, the Apple appstore, Steam, the Microsoft Appstore and so on, the mantra has clearly changed from the old idea of finding
software for your system through generic searches on the internet or by going to a brick and mortar shop.

On the other side some editorial oversight will probably be necessary due to potential legal risks for either Fedora, Red Hat or both. That said
we are used to dealing with such risks already through the processes we created for when people contribute software to the Fedora repository.

Also in terms of the previous discussions on this topic in the Fedora community, I think an important this time is that we have screenshots. 
Silly as it seems I think this is actually a quite important thing as it helps everyone involved visualize what the feature would actually
look like, so we don't end up arguing over hypothetical problems or solutions. In general I think it is always easier for people to know
if they are fine with a solution when they can see what it actually looks like. So Richard Hughes blog post shows what it looks like know,
and we can of course make sure we can offer custom text etc. as we see fit.

So my proposal is that we as a working group come up with a unified proposal for how we would like to use this, how we would like the 
process of adding applications to the 3rd party list and so on. The goal is of course to have something as transparent and open as possible.
So my suggestion is that we have an initial discussion about this on the next workstation meeting and based on what we decide there I be happy
to start drafting some documents outlining how this could work.


(1) http://blogs.gnome.org/uraeus/2015/01/19/planning-for-fedora-workstation-22/
(2) http://blogs.gnome.org/hughsie/2015/01/09/finding-hidden-applications-with-gnome-software/

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