3rd Party Applications and Fedora Workstation

Adam Batkin adam at batkin.net
Tue Jan 20 01:03:23 UTC 2015

On 01/19/2015 06:44 PM, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> I think there are limits to how fine distinctions we can make here - not
> just because the differences will be lost to many users, but also
> because somebody has to maintain all this information. I would suggest
> to start with just two levels here:
>   * Free, legally redistributable, just not in Fedora proper
>   * Everything else
> For the first one, we need a text makes it clear that Fedora is not the
> source and can't promise security updates or quality. But it shouldn't
> be 'scary' and mention prosecution.
> For the second, we should probably have a stronger warning, more like
> the one in your screenshots.
> And expect that we'll only aim to include repo files from the first
> category here.

Can't it just tell you which repository something came from when you try 
to install? Maybe let the repositories have an icon, and put a gold star 
on Fedora's icon. Then you could have a selector to allow searches to 
choose between the officially blessed repositories (i.e. Fedora) and 
everything else.

I assume that the only way to see third-party repositories would be to 
install them myself. That would imply that I either trust that 
repository, or at least I have some idea of what it is (since it 
required an affirmative action on my part to put it there).

Upon further reading, perhaps this is exactly what you were thinking, 
I'm just trying to clarify.


-Adam Batkin

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