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Has anyone actually tried installing devdocs from gnome software? When I
tried, it did install, but wouldn't function as the webview doesn't support
Ithen went to the Mozilla marketplace and installed their devdocs app and
that worked perfectly (it even installed a .desktop file).
Is there any reason why we aren't attempting to use their marketplace as an
app provider? That they don't employ appstream might be an issue:)

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 Just tried devdocs and it seems to work as


 No, I don't think it does. They use indexdb so you can store the docs
offline. As Michael said, this feature only just landed in, I guess,
webkit2-gtk (or whatever it's called).

My question remains, however: why not make use of the Mozilla marketplace?
The installed app even shows up as properly installed in Software (only a
1\2 star rating, which., iirc, only indicates how much of the appstream
metadata the package included).
Mozilla seems like the kind of organization Fedora should have a closer
relationship with, and I don't see the need to duplicate their efforts.
Additionally, in the not very distant future, we're going to want to take a
careful look at the servo as a replacement to webkit2 since they are
supporting the chromium embedding framework, and their radically advanced
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