root password required for basic troubleshooting

Chris Murphy lists at
Mon Jan 26 20:48:07 UTC 2015


In Fedora 20 and 21, the installer doesn't require setting the root
password. Yet systemd in both requires a root password to do anything,
including basic boot time troubleshooting, in both and

If the user is dropped to an emergency shell at boot, and are referred
to rdsosreport.txt, they can't do anything if they haven't set a root
password. And if they need to do a password reset, they're stuck also.


Is this the intended and desired UX for Workstation?

If not, what policy change is most practical? Requiring the user set a
root password, or somehow enabling systemd to accept
a non-root user in group wheel?

Points of comparison

Windows has a burdensome password reset method, but it does offer
startup repair environments that don't require a password. OS X has a
safe boot option, as well as a separate recovery environment, also
without requiring a password, and a password reset can be done within
this environment.

Chris Murphy

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