rescue environment with live media

Chris Murphy lists at
Mon Jan 26 20:54:45 UTC 2015

Two problems with live media:

1. Installer team dislikes it because the environment gets
increasingly non-deterministic the longer the user uses the system
before installing the OS, and this can cause unpredictable installer
failures that are also quite difficult to test for. (This is an old

2. The installer rescue mode isn't available with live media.

Both Ubuntu and openSUSE offer separate boot menu options for
installing the OS, vs booting the live environment. It seems both
problems above could be obviated if Fedora lives also distinguished
between installing vs booting live. I know this has come up before,
but not since products arrived.

It's understandable this is probably a Fedora 23 food for thought. It
is somewhat mitigated by the Fedora 22 plan to have separate product
netinstalls, with which the rescue mode will be available.

Chris Murphy

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