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Tue Jan 27 21:55:54 UTC 2015

Well,I think that my post started some c ontroversy (or my post was

I think the question is: "what is the* audience* for Fedora Desktop?".

* Is it "Mrs. Smith", who may use WinXP - or even Win98 - currently ("Mrs.
Smith" was a term used by Bill Gates almost 15 years ago when he claimed
that ""Mrs. Smith has no need to access the Internet". Soon after Microsoft
included Internet Explorer in Windows! You have an opinion untill you get
* Or is it somewhat experienced computer users now using another platform
(Windows, Ubuntu)
* Or is it *developers*. If so what does that exactly mean?

I think you have to distinguish *consumers* (accessing content) and
*producers* (contributing content) rather than using th term *developer*..I
don't think any Linux distro or the Linux community as such grapped that
difference really. *consumers* (what is 80-90% of current computer users)
don't need a PC/a full-fledged computer. A tablet or a smartphone is the
ideal solution for them. I only see some understanding  of this in the
"Enlightenment" desktop environment for Linux (but still very buggy).
Anyone not biased should check the Win10 preview - it may very well change
how computers are used by 95% of current computer users. It is "Windows as
a serviee" and as such a much more aggressive approach to current
challenges to the use of computers than Apple ever did it. It could very
well be a revolution. And if you don't agree it doesn't really matter - you
will be wiped away if it happens.

-- Peter
-- (a computer professional for 35 yearrs - starting long before the PC,
the C programming language and Linux (or even Windows) was invented.
-- now with webyog.com, visifire.com, cloudmagic.com and sealion.com

On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 5:31 PM, Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at gnome.org>

> And I should be open-minded; I am just skeptical is all. There's actually
> a fairly big team working on WebKit and WebKitGTK+ in particular. (This is
> a huge maintenance effort.) Who is going to do the work of porting GNOME
> away to something else? (That would be a large amount of work.) Will you be
> able to have nice things like GTK+ widgets (nope) and gstreamer multimedia
> (probably hard?)? Can Servo render pages anywhere near as accurately as
> WebKit? (Probably not for a long time?)
> WebKitGTK+ actually has a strict policy of not bumping dependencies until
> the next API version, to allow distros to update to the latest stable
> version whenever desired.
> But well, if someone does the work, I won't complain. Happy Tuesday!
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Peter Laursen
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