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M. Edward (Ed) Borasky znmeb at znmeb.net
Wed Jan 28 04:42:46 UTC 2015

On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 5:39 PM, Liam <liam.bulkley at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yes, that's the fundamental issue but I don't think we're going to get any
> movement on this at this point in time. The answer Workstation has gone with
> was that it's for both, but with a bit of an emphasis on
> developers/producers (I agree that the later term is better and emphasizes
> how we should think).
> My personal position has been that we should target ONLY producers. Make an
> environment that helps them achieve their goals more easily/quicker or even
> at all. That's what would draw people to the Fedora Workstation.

At this stage of the Linux lifecycle (20+ years and counting) you have
to ask, "What would take people *away* from Debian and Ubuntu and
guide them into the world of Fedora, RHEL and CentOS?" I don't think
you're going to get people off of Macs, and if they're on Windows they
live in a different world entirely. ;-)

And honestly, if you're developing *for* RHEL / CentOS, why would you
run a Fedora desktop instead of an RHEL / CentOS desktop? Fedora's
only 2.5 releases newer than Fedora 19, the basis for RHEL 7.

> Being able
> to watch movies, read books, share media, etc is something all the other
> platforms can already do (and because of our values, those platforms aren't
> hampered by being unable to distribute "proprietary" components) and doesn't
> distinguish us AT ALL, even if we did those things PERFECTLY.

I don't know about Macs - never owned one - but yeah, after looking at
the Windows 10 desktop they've tripled down on being a home
entertainment / gaming system. I think Windows is on a trajectory to
merge with XBox sooner rather than later, leaving their core business
users as the only market for something that doesn't resemble a huge
Zune. And given Microsoft's investment in cloud, I don't think there's
a desktop Office roadmap any more - it's all going to be browser-based
/ thin client apps. They'll clean up IE so business users don't have
to install Firefox or Chrome, but that's it. ;-)

> Providing an environment that allowed video editors to more easily create
> the next classic animation, coders to more easily grapple a problem, or
> giving sysadmins a better multi tasking de WOULD draw them in. In the end,
> we want people who'll contribute and targeting those folks and their needs
> is the best way to do that.

Indeed. I've seen a few posts go by in this thread praising Mozilla -
let me add to the chorus. Obviously there are lawyer-accountant things
that would have to be done, but I think a Fedora (Red Hat) partnership
with Mozilla is a damn good idea. I gave up on Chrome and Chromium a
long time ago. Firefox Developer Edition and HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript is
where it's at unless you're targeting iOS.

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