multiple languages in fedora workstation?

kendell clark coffeekingms at
Fri Jul 3 06:27:17 UTC 2015

hi all
This may have been covered here before, and if so I apologize for the 
mess. I've been getting a couple of blind users who switch over from 
windows to fedora, or at least, they say they will. But they speak 
multiple languages, and usually want to have gnome shell and apps 
displayed in their native language. So I went and attempted to find out 
how this is done. Here is what I've found, and it's puzzling. According 
to gnome's docs, you simply go into the region and language control 
center applet, highlight the language you want to use, and press enter. 
If the language isn't  in the list  you're supposed to find a "..." 
button to open a list of languages to pick from. On my fedora install, 
there are only two items in the list. English US, and an item that's 
silent. Orca says nothing but I think it's that "..." button the docs 
were talking about. Instead of taking me to a list, it closes the 
language dialog with no effect. I know how locales on the command line 
are supposed to work, you've got two files in /etc that control this. 
Locale.gen, which controls what languages are available to the system. I 
chose german and french, utf8, just to experiment with. Then there's 
locale.conf which controls the currently active language.  You simply 
export a new language into this file and the language is supposed to 
change. Example, export lang=en_UK.utf-8 > /etc/locale.conf." Is this 
what gnome's language control center item does? I'm hearing a lot about 
these "language packs" in gnome's documentation, but no matter how I 
search, dnf, software, I can't find one. Anyone got any ideas? After I 
added french and german in locale.gen, or rather, uncommented them and 
ran locale-gen, the languages immediately showed up in the language 
list, but pressing enter on them didn't change the language. I'm hoping 
it's something obvious, such as you needing to log out and back in for 
the new language to take effect. If not, this is probably a bug in gnome 
and I need to report it.
Thanks for reading
Kendell clark

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