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Fri Jul 3 19:25:57 UTC 2015

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Yup, that solved it. That was very helpful. I'll file a bug against
gnome shell for the language list, if there isn't one already. For
some reason I seem to remember filing a bug already, but I'll look.
Kendell clark

Michael Catanzaro wrote:
> On Fri, 2015-07-03 at 01:27 -0500, kendell clark wrote:
>> hi all This may have been covered here before, and if so I
>> apologize for the
>> mess. I've been getting a couple of blind users who switch over
>> from windows to fedora, or at least, they say they will. But they
>> speak multiple languages, and usually want to have gnome shell
>> and apps displayed in their native language. So I went and
>> attempted to find out how this is done. Here is what I've found,
>> and it's puzzling. According to gnome's docs, you simply go into
>> the region and language control center applet, highlight the
>> language you want to use, and press enter. If the language isn't
>> in the list  you're supposed to find a "..." button to open a
>> list of languages to pick from. On my fedora install, there are
>> only two items in the list.
> That's strange; there are nine languages in my list.
>> English US, and an item that's silent. Orca says nothing but I
>> think it's that "..." button the docs
>> were talking about. Instead of taking me to a list, it closes the
>>  language dialog with no effect.
> OK, this is a bug. That button only works when you click it with a 
> mouse, but when you select it with the keyboard and then hit Enter,
> it closes the dialog.
> We also need an accessible label for the ... button.
>> I know how locales on the command line are supposed to work,
>> you've got two files in /etc that control this.
>> Locale.gen, which controls what languages are available to the 
>> system. I chose german and french, utf8, just to experiment with.
>> Then there's locale.conf which controls the currently active
>> language.  You simply
>> export a new language into this file and the language is supposed
>> to change. Example, export lang=en_UK.utf-8 > /etc/locale.conf."
>> Is this
>> what gnome's language control center item does?
> If you're an administrator, or if you're not an administrator and
> you click the Login Screen button, then it will use localed to set
> the system language. It's the equivalent of the command 'localectl
> set -locale', which will modify /etc/locale.conf for you.
> If you're not an administrator and don't click the Login Screen
> button, then it changes your user account's language settings with 
> accountsservice, which are used to set $LANG when logging in to
> GNOME Shell.
> Keep in mind that in order for the change to system language to
> take effect on the login screen, you'd have to restart your
> computer, and for the change to take effect in GNOME Shell, you'd
> have to log out and log in again.
>> I'm hearing a lot about these "language packs" in gnome's
>> documentation, but no matter how I search, dnf, software, I can't
>> find one. Anyone got any ideas? After I added french and german
>> in locale.gen, or rather, uncommented them and ran locale-gen,
>> the languages immediately showed up in the language list, but
>> pressing enter on them didn't change the language. I'm hoping 
>> it's something obvious, such as you needing to log out and back
>> in for the new language to take effect. If not, this is probably
>> a bug in gnome and I need to report it. Thanks for reading 
>> Kendell clark
> It's the same problem that affects the ... button: pressing enter
> does not select the new language as you would expect; instead it
> closes the dialog without changing your language. So it's a bug.
> Please CC me when you report it, thanks.
> Michael
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