multiple languages in fedora workstation?

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at
Mon Jul 6 00:14:09 UTC 2015

On Sun, 2015-07-05 at 16:09 -0500, kendell clark wrote:
> hi
> Definitely possible, I'm still new at this. I tend to interpret what
> people say a few sentences ahead sometimes, so if it sounds like
> you're saying it's impossible, I'm likely to think I heard that. Gets
> me into a lot of trouble sometimes.I'd settle for an accessible label
> for the "..." button, or list item. In fact, what might be better is
> if the "..." button were moved to the right of the done button that
> way it's not in the list, but I'm no gui designer, it was probably 
> put
> there for a reason.

Moving it wouldn't work; the ... button is actually a list entry at the
bottom of the list of languages. The Done button is in the header bar
in the upper-right; only one button fits there.

>  As long as I can navigate the dialog using the
> keyboard I'm happy. Should I file a bug against gnome control center?

Please do!

> Do you know what's up with these "language packas" I keep running to
> in documentation? I remember language packs in the old gnome 2 days,
> but are they still relevant now? I only ask because I can't find any
> no matter how I search, so I'm wondering if it's maybe a left over 
> bit
> of documentation or if it means something else?

Some distros split language support into subpackages. I'm not familiar
with how this works in Fedora.

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