Fixing our meeting time

Paul W. Frields stickster at
Mon Jul 20 14:24:10 UTC 2015

A couple issues have come up with our current meeting time of 9:00am
US-Eastern, 1300 UTC on Monday:

(1) In several (two of the last three, most recently) fortnightly WG
meetings, we've had trouble reaching quorum.

(2) I have a to facilitate a meeting directly after this one which
requires my attention about 5-10 minutes before the hour, meaning it's
difficult to stay in our meeting at the precise point where we need to
wrap up.

I suspect this time is also not conducive for a couple other
US-Eastern folks who (unlike me) are traveling to an office around
this time on Monday mornings, but I don't want to speak for anyone

When we did our meeting time check in April, the matrix showed the
next best time was Wednesday 10am US-EDT, 1400 UTC.  The only person
with a conflict, as luck would have it, was Yrs Truly. :-) My conflict
is now gone, so I would move to use this meeting time for our next
occurrence, and beyond.

That would be Wednesday, August 5, 10am US-EDT, 1400 UTC.


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