E&S WG request for input on requirements for Fedora Developer Portal

Jens Petersen petersen at redhat.com
Mon Jul 20 14:33:54 UTC 2015


In the last Env & Stacks meeting last week there was discussion about
plans, direction, and content for the Fedora Developer Portal website
that is under construction.  I think the plan is make the E&S WG more
actively involved in overseeing the content on the Portal. Anyway as part
of the discussion it was suggested by Langdon that it would be good to
reach out to the WS WG for input on its requirements and suggestions
for the Developer Portal since one of the main targets of Fedora WS is
developers.  Since I am on both WGs I offered to liase on this topic.

What kind of content, requirements or suggestions does the WS WG have
for the Developer Portal?


Thanks, Jens

ps I planned to bring this up before the WS WG meeting today
but I got back late so posting it here now: not sure there would
have been time to discuss it in the irc meeting anyway...

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