E&S WG request for input on requirements for Fedora Developer Portal

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Mon Jul 20 20:12:42 UTC 2015

On Mon, 2015-07-20 at 10:33 -0400, Jens Petersen wrote:
> In the last Env & Stacks meeting last week there was discussion about
> plans, direction, and content for the Fedora Developer Portal website
> that is under construction.  I think the plan is make the E&S WG more
> actively involved in overseeing the content on the Portal. Anyway as 
> part
> of the discussion it was suggested by Langdon that it would be good 
> to
> reach out to the WS WG for input on its requirements and suggestions
> for the Developer Portal since one of the main targets of Fedora WS 
> is
> developers.  Since I am on both WGs I offered to liase on this topic.
> What kind of content, requirements or suggestions does the WS WG have
> for the Developer Portal?

Hi Jens,

I looked through the wiki page, and had a few questions/comments:

 * Is the target was exclusively on using Fedora as a client machine,
or if it also is planned to cover using Mac/Windows to develop for

 * For someone coming to the website, they shouldn't feel that they
have to choose a language, a framework, a database, a deployment
technology before they get started. This is likely to stop anybody but
the most confident and experienced developer dead in their tracks. It's
fine if there is information on the site about a wide range of topics,
but we can't be afraid to make specific recommendations and orient the
experience of coming to the site around those recommendations.
(Probably a small set of recommendations rather than a single one,
depending on what language, if any, the developer knows, and what they
want to develop.)

 * We definitely should eventually have "Creating native applications
for Fedora Workstation" as one topic. I don't know if we immediately
will have any really compelling solution to recommend - the closest
thin we have to a current recommendation is Javascript GTK+ apps using
a plain text editor - but we should be working on figuring that out on
the Workstation WG side. Native development isn't necessarily the main
target of Fedora Workstation, but it's something that people will want
to do.

 * It would be great if any pain points and inelegant steps that come
up in creating the website get fed back into the Workstation and we can
try to fix them. Are there packages that you need to drop to the
command line to install? (We can preinstall or try to figure out how it
should work with GNOME Software.) Does system configuration need to be
changed? Are there places where additional GUI tools are needed? Are
there problems with networking and VMs? And so forth.

- Owen

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