LAS F22 review - summary

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Wed Jun 3 20:54:41 UTC 2015


The LAS reviewed F22 recently (the F22 review starts at about
1:07:00)[1]. They had quite a few good things to say and some
suggestions on the issue that they ran into. Just forwarding them here
FYI :)

- Ease of setting up on-line accounts etc
- Notifications that tell you what you need but don't disturb you
- Network captive portal that comes up automatically
- Gnome software and the work done to make apps available in it
- Focus that the rings approach brings
- DNF works well
- Improvements to anaconda
- FedUp redesign works well (although I've read that fedup will be
dropped from F23)
- Server product defaults to XFS

- After login on the captive portal, no indication that you've been
connected (he said his wife would've gotten stuck there, for example,
since she'd assume the captive portal is the browser itself).
Suggestion was that the captive portal closes once the user has logged
in and connection to the internet established.
- GDM Wayland on some Nvidia cards didn't work - documented on the
common bugs page, though, with a workaround.
- Global dark themes seem incomplete - text and text boxes are both
black, so text can't be read easily - needs the user to tweak to fix.

Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD"

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