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Thu Jun 4 15:33:33 UTC 2015

On Wed, Jun 03, 2015 at 09:54:41PM +0100, Ankur Sinha wrote:
> Hi,
> The LAS reviewed F22 recently (the F22 review starts at about
> 1:07:00)[1]. They had quite a few good things to say and some
> suggestions on the issue that they ran into. Just forwarding them here
> FYI :)
> Positives:
> - Ease of setting up on-line accounts etc
> - Notifications that tell you what you need but don't disturb you
> - Network captive portal that comes up automatically
> - Gnome software and the work done to make apps available in it
> - Focus that the rings approach brings
> - DNF works well
> - Improvements to anaconda
> - FedUp redesign works well (although I've read that fedup will be
> dropped from F23)
> - Server product defaults to XFS
> Issues:
> - After login on the captive portal, no indication that you've been
> connected (he said his wife would've gotten stuck there, for example,
> since she'd assume the captive portal is the browser itself).
> Suggestion was that the captive portal closes once the user has logged
> in and connection to the internet established.
> - GDM Wayland on some Nvidia cards didn't work - documented on the
> common bugs page, though, with a workaround.
> - Global dark themes seem incomplete - text and text boxes are both
> black, so text can't be read easily - needs the user to tweak to fix.
> [1]

Thanks for the summary, Ankur!

I listened to the majority of the review before I ran out of time.  I
wanted to point out that the tone of the reivew as overwhelmingly
positive.  This is a great testament to the work done upstream, as
well as the integration done in Workstation.

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