Feedback KDE Spin

Stefano Di Martino stefano.d at
Fri Jun 5 10:09:02 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

I would like to give you some Feedback to the KDE Spin of Fedora.

First, I experienced the KDE spin always as worst KDE integration of all 
Linux distributions. Not only because of the visual experience, but also 
because of bugs which I didn't experience in other distributions.
I installed KDE 5 on Fedora 21 from a foreign repository. It was a 
vanilla KDE. It run smoothly and well and it was beautiful. After I 
downloaded the KDE spin of Fedora 22, I not only experienced a visually 
ugly KDE with Fedora theme, but bugs, too. I couldn't resize the window 
to a custom size. There was no mouse cursor indicating, that I could 
resize the window when I moved the mouse cursor the the corner of the 
After playing a bit, Fedora just freezed.
I thought, I could give Fedora a try by upgrading it to version 22, but 
I am experiencing now a slower KDE start (not boot time) and after 
hibernate and resuming, I experienced a freeze again which I hadn't with 
Fedora 21 and KDE 5.3 from the foreign repository.

Now my request:
Couldn't you just install a vanilla KDE without any patches which makes 
it worse?! That would be great and you would have less work! :)

Best regards,

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