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Enrico Tagliavini enrico.tagliavini at
Fri Jun 5 11:29:10 UTC 2015

FYI the resize window bug is fixed by doing system updates. If you
just install Fedora 22 you get the issue, but if you install available
updates the issue vanish.

About system freezing: most of the times this is an upstream bug
(usually in the kernel), so check your kernel logs, sometime video
drivers are having hiccup. If this is the case you can still access
your system via ssh from the network. If you can't enable sysrq and
issue the s u b sequence to sync, mount read only and reboot your
system. Hopefully the error will be saved in the system logs.

On 5 June 2015 at 12:09, Stefano Di Martino <stefano.d at> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I would like to give you some Feedback to the KDE Spin of Fedora.
> First, I experienced the KDE spin always as worst KDE integration of all
> Linux distributions. Not only because of the visual experience, but also
> because of bugs which I didn't experience in other distributions.
> I installed KDE 5 on Fedora 21 from a foreign repository. It was a vanilla
> KDE. It run smoothly and well and it was beautiful. After I downloaded the
> KDE spin of Fedora 22, I not only experienced a visually ugly KDE with
> Fedora theme, but bugs, too. I couldn't resize the window to a custom size.
> There was no mouse cursor indicating, that I could resize the window when I
> moved the mouse cursor the the corner of the window.
> After playing a bit, Fedora just freezed.
> I thought, I could give Fedora a try by upgrading it to version 22, but I am
> experiencing now a slower KDE start (not boot time) and after hibernate and
> resuming, I experienced a freeze again which I hadn't with Fedora 21 and KDE
> 5.3 from the foreign repository.
> Now my request:
> Couldn't you just install a vanilla KDE without any patches which makes it
> worse?! That would be great and you would have less work! :)
> Best regards,
> Stefano
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