LAS F22 review - summary

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Sat Jun 6 17:42:31 UTC 2015

On 05/06/15 01:41 AM, Enrico Tagliavini wrote:

> [1] Unless I'm 100% sure they are not going to use nvidia ever and if
> it is a system I know it works well out of the box.
> Also note I'm not talking about fglrx here. I've been the maintainer
> of fglrx gentoo package for a couple of years and I know very well how
> painful it is. It would simply harm the Fedora graphic stack given how
> slow AMD is adding support to new Xorg and kernel release. So I'm not
> in favour of providing all proprietary drivers. If open source
> packages have to fulfil quality standards, that should be true for
> proprietary drivers as well.
AMDGPU is AMD attempt at solving driver issue for newer hardware. The
company recently assigned ten people on working on that stack combining
both open source and proprietary driver if applicable without tainting
the kernel

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