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Sorry, I meant "-freeworld" packages.

2015-06-10 15:28 GMT+02:00 Alex Puchades <alex94puchades at>:

> Hi, my name is Alex and I've been a Fedora user for a long time. Also, I'm
> quite new to this list. I know a lot of people (myself included) that agree
> with Fedora not integrating propietary software into the system, as Ubuntu
> does in many different ways, especially in the installer. To put things
> clear, I'd never advocate for that.
> However, there's one issue I think deserves a little more consideration.
> There is another kind of software that is perfectly fine free software but
> is also excluded from a default Fedora install. That is, patent encumbered
> software. As you know, there are some patents that are not valid outside
> USA (ie: subpixel rendering, MP3). That software is provided in third-party
> repositories like RPMFusion in the form of "-freetype" packages.
> The lack-by-default of these packages presents a clear usability issue for
> non-quite-that-technical users and it greatly hurts the user experience for
> everyone. So, is there any way that Fedora could enforce this patent-free
> position where it makes sense (the USA), but includes it (or at least gives
> the user the option at installation time) if allowed by local laws?
> --
> Álex Puchades

Álex Puchades
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