Patent-free software where it makes sense

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Wed Jun 10 14:14:31 UTC 2015

On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 10:04 AM, Alex Puchades
<alex94puchades at> wrote:
> Ok, as I said, I'm relatively new to this mailing list, so I'd be grateful
> if you could provide me some of the threads targetting this issue. I'm not
> simply proposing this software to be added to the installer, but I'm
> proposing to discuss the reasons involved and if there's a legal reason
> where simply pointing users to RPMFusion, for example, would mean that
> Fedora is breaking patent laws.
> I am sorry if it has already been discussed, but if this subject crops from
> time to time, I think that's a reason to reconsider that there exists a real
> problem. And if so, I guarantee there are people that have the will to help,
> myself included.

You are better off asking for this information on the fedora legal list.


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