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> If you look at AMD website [1] you can read they support xorg-server
> up to version 1.16. Xorg 1.17 was released on February 4th, 4 months
> ago. Ubuntu 15.04 has a pre-alpha version of fglrx supporting 1.17
> (keep in mind AMD and Canonical have an agreement for this, all other
> distros do not have this privilege, still they managed to get blamed
> for late Xorg updates [3]). Usually it takes many months to get
> official support. Rolling distribution with up to date components such
> as Arch Linux share the same problem as Fedora [4]. As you can see a
> user is volunteering to maintain a backport repository with older
> version of Xorg just for the use with the AMD proprietary driver.
> For the sake of comparison Nvidia added support for Xorg 1.17 on
> December 8th 2014, two full months before Xorg 1.17 release.
> Sorry for the off topic. I think this information is worth to share,
> help users a lot avoiding unexpected pain.


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