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> hi all
> The subject is kind of vague, so I'll try to clarify. In order to
> participate in video meetings with fedora's council or anyone else
> that uses it, you currently have to use google hangouts. I'm not
> averse to this even though it's closed source software, but there's
> still a rather concerning issue. Currently, I believe, I don't know
> for sure, but I think the only way to do this is by installing either
> google chrome or chromium. This wouldn't be a problem, except that
> chrome and chromium provide no accessibility support. That is, orca,
> the main linux screen reader, cannot get at the contents of web pages
> to read them. This can be fixed by installing an addon to
> chrome/chromium called chromevox, which is a screen reader
> specifically designed for chrome. This isn't a major problem, except
> that until this is done, a blind person cannot use chrome. The
> procedure for doing this isn't at all intuitive. You have to go to the
> chrome app store, type in chromevox, and install it. After this,
> chrome will be accessible. This isn't easy  to do in fedora, largely
> because fedora doesn't feature chromium, and I object to chrome's
> license. I'm not writing in to complain, but just to ask if there are
> any plans in place to migrate away from something that requires a
> specific web browser to participate in? If this were doable in firefox
> or any derivitives, this would not be an issue, because firefox and
> it's spinoffs are accessible to orca.

You can use Firefox for hangouts.  There is s plugin that needs to be
installed but then it works.

That doesn't address the wider issues of using a non-oss tool, but hangouts
itself does not require chrome.

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