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On 11/06/15 07:32 AM, Nikos Roussos wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 5:26 PM, Matthew Miller
> <mattdm at> wrote:
>>     1. Somewhere around a dozen active participants allowed 2. Live
>>     stream to some larger number — "hundreds" is probably adequate 3.
>>     Recorded for later (ideally straight to an open format) 4. Either
>>     minimal fuss in setting up, or someone willing to do the fussing. 
>> Oh also: screen sharing or some other way of getting slides into the
>> presentation.
> Besides the live streaming, all of these are supported by many WebRTC
> solutions out there (eg.,,, etc)
Has anyone tested

I am including the post submitted by Daniel Pocock two weeks ago

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I'm just wondering if anybody has any feedback about

Did you try it from a browser?  Which browser worked better?

Did you try any SIP clients with it, e.g. GNOME Empathy[1], Lumicall[2],
Linphone[3], Sflphone[4], Jitsi[5], Ekiga[6], CSipSimple[7]?  Many SIP
clients should work just by giving them the user at SIP address,
they can discover the other settings from NAPTR and SRV lookups.

It is currently not possible to make calls where one user has a normal
softphone and the other user is using a browser.  This is because the
browsers require more advanced variations of the streaming protocols
(e.g. Opus codec, AVPF, DTLS-SRTP) and none of the softphones have
implemented those fully.  So it is browser to browser or softphone to
softphone for now.



1. (for Empathy)

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