concern over fedora's meeting videos

Enrico Tagliavini enrico.tagliavini at
Fri Jun 12 08:29:33 UTC 2015

FYI just to possibly help with the streaming and recording: OBS . You still need a service to broadcast the
stream of course (like nginx rtmp module [1], VLC, youtube, twitch and
the like)


On 11 June 2015 at 21:16, kendell clark <coffeekingms at> wrote:
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> hi
> Got it. Again, I wasn't writing to complain, I'd just heard about this
> and was raising the alarm only because the post I read said you had to
> use chrome, which I cannot use without a lot of hoopla. Now that I
> know I can use firefox, I'll just use that whenever I want to watch a
> video, since i'm not on the council.
> Thanks
> Kendell clark
> Matthew Miller wrote:
>> On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 07:47:03PM -0500, kendell clark wrote:
>>> Ah, then my email wasn't needed then. I'd still rather fedora
>>> used an oss tool to do this, but I trust fedora knows what it's
>>> doing, and will switch when one that's good enough comes around.
>> Hi Kendall. I appreciate your concern here (although, probably not
>> on topic for the desktop list). The meetings are streamed through
>> Youtube in real time, and although I didn't do it yet, I intend to
>> convert all of them to fully-open .webm files and post separately
>> after the fact. (Once we have a Fedora Council blog, these will
>> show up there.)
>> Additionally, Remy has been transcribing in #fedora-meeting in IRC
>> in near-real-time. The hangout itself only allows up to 10
>> participants, so we've been using those slots for council members
>> and speakers.
>> And, on the OSS tool, yes, absolutely. Needs are:
>> 1. Somewhere around a dozen active participants allowed 2. Live
>> stream to some larger number — "hundreds" is probably adequate 3.
>> Recorded for later (ideally straight to an open format) 4. Either
>> minimal fuss in setting up, or someone willing to do the fussing.
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