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Fri Mar 13 04:54:48 UTC 2015

Greetings Kendell, I am very excited to hear your feedback. Glad to hear of
transition from user to contributor. I work with many parts of Fedora, and
can detail some later if need be.

At this point I wanted to offer any help I can with IRC channel. I already
do this, and every little bit helps.

I have a few technical ideas involving our fed-msg bus, but, that is for
another day. :)

ALL Hail Tux the Magnificent,


Doer of stuff with things

On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 8:22 PM, kendell clark <coffeekingms at>

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> hi all
> I'm a new user to fedora, having just switched over from arch two days
> ago. My name is kendell clark, and I've been using gnu/linux since
> august of 2011. I find fedora, both the operating system and the
> community extremely pleasant and helpful. I'm blind, so depend on a
> screen reader to use my computer. The fact that fedora not only
> includes it out of the box but makes sure it's own tools are usable by
> a blind person is great. Thanks to all the hard working people who
> make fedora a great operating system for someone who needs assistive
> technology. I plan to join the fedora documentation team eventually,
> and to revive the accessibility guide which has been languerishing
> abandoned since, it looks like fedora 14. Much of the information is
> inaccurate, accessibility has come a long way and is a lot simpler to
> set up and use now. I'm also planning to set up a
> #fedora-accessibility channel for accessibility related discussions,
> bugs, etc. Would anyone in the main fedora project itself be
> interested in either moderating or idling in there? I was hoping for a
> few package maintainers, and maybe a person or two on the installer
> team? I'll of course be there, and I know of a few other fedora users
> who are blind, they might be there also. I want to make fedora even
> better, and make it an obvious choice for blind users everywhere. The
> bot from the main fedora channel might be useful, so that bug reports,
> new fedora releases, etc could be echoed there. Again, I  can't wait
> to start helping out in fedora and thanks to everyone who puts their
> time and effort into fedora, it's an impressive gnu/linux distro
> Thanks
> Kendell clark
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