apps and launchers policy

Matthias Clasen mclasen at
Thu Mar 19 13:24:22 UTC 2015

 I've found the document.

Here are some suggested updates:

For launchers:

    App launchers MUST have a unique[3] 128×128 launcher icon with an alpha channel and a matching High Contrast icon.

I suggest changing this to say:

    App launchers MUST have unique[3] 128×128 launcher icons in both the default High Contrast themes. For the default theme, the icon should be full-color with an alpha channel. For High Contrast, the icon should be black-and-white or grayscale.

I also suggest that we add the following to the "For applications" section:

    Apps SHOULD include the icons used by their launcher.[*]
    Apps SHOULD include a symbolic variant of their icon.

with a footnote that says:

[*] Relying on standard theme icons is likely to cause clashes where multiple applications use the same icon.

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