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Thu Mar 19 21:49:09 UTC 2015

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I've just updated f22. I don't see the item in the control+alt+tab
popup for status icons, but I'll keep looking. This system is pretty
much vanilla fedora with the exception of pidgin, so I'll run that,
which does have a status icon that lives in gnome shell's message
tray. I do have two suggestions  that I hope can make it into 3.16,
and a couple more that probably won't. First suggestion. When you
click the updates button in gnome software, the "check for updates"
button is not focusable by orca. You cannot navigate to it by pressing
tab. You have to use orca's flat review to click on it to activate it.
A nemonic of alt+c would make sense. When restarting to install
updates, would it be possible to start gdm in a minimal state, just
enough to allow orca to turn on and announce "installing updates"
downloading updates, etc? At the moment all I see while updates are
downloaded and installed is the fedora logo. Now comes my suggestions
that won't make it into 3.16 unless I am very lucky. I'd like to
suggest that status icons be moved to the top bar, possibly before or
after the "settings" menu with system hardware, wifi, bluetooth,
power, etc, so everything is in one place. I'd also like to suggest a
"software" item be permanently attached to the top bar if gnome
software is installed, so that the user can check for update manually,
configure when updates are checked for, etc. I don't think it's
possible to configure gnome software much at the moment, it checks
when it's told to. The gnome guys have done a fantastic job with
accessibility. I wasn't sure about this new notifications system but
it's accessible and very handy. Congratulations on a job very very
well done! I'll file that vte bug so it can get fixed, as well as bugs
against gnome-control-center if there are any unlabeled buttons or
Thanks for reading
Kendell clark
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kendell clark wrote:
> hi Sweet, I'll update my test system running f22 and try this. I'll
> write back in with feedback Thanks Kendell clark Sent from Fedora
> GNU/Linux
> Florian Müllner wrote:
>> On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 9:59 PM kendell clark 
>> <coffeekingms at> wrote:
>>> But how do I get to applications that formally resided in the 
>>> message tray without resorting to the mouse? Could a keyboard 
>>> shortcut be added in 3.16 that would jump to that area?
>> It has already been added to the ctrl-alt-tab popup, so it is 
>> possible to navigate to the area using the keyboard.
>> Unfortunately the icons themselves are notoriously bad with
>> regard to accessibility though ...
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