plan: fix all remaining accessibility issues for gnome 3.18

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> hi all.
> I'm writing in to let everyone on the desktop list know that I'm
> intending to work with anyone here and with the gnome people to fix
> all remaining accessibility issues for gnome 3.18. This currently
> includes, unlabeled controlls, buttons and links, in various gnome
> control center modules. Duplicate controlls in the power settings
> module, duplicate buttons in gnome tweak tool. Gdm is inaccessible to
> orca. Orca is unable to see the login screen so cannot navigate it's
> controlls. This last one is exclusive to gnome 3.16, gnome 3.14 works
> just fine. I plan to have all these issues ironed out in time for
> gnome 3.18 and f23. I will file bugs, provide logs, anything that is
> necessary. My plan is that by f23, there will be 0 (zero)
> accessibility issues with orca and gnome shell. I would like to make
> one possible request, not sure where this is applicable. Would it be
> possible, as a temporary measure, to cause gdm to fall back to using x
> for it's login screen when accessibility is enabled? I have no idea
> how this can be done, but this would allow orca to again see the
> screen and navigate it, until whatever is wrong in wayland can be
> fixed up stream? If there are any people who work on gnome itself,
> would you mind logging on to #fedora-accessibility, or I can log on to
> #a11y on gnome's server to discuss issues? I don't want to flood the
> list with accessibility traphic.
> Thanks
> Kendell clark
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I'll throw out my vague understanding, in the hope that someone will
validate or knock it down:

A big driver for moving to Wayland is the additional security context
provided; one application, by design, cannot access another application
through the interface to the display server.  I *think* that orca works
*because* it is able to access other applications through Xorg.  So, based
on this very basic understanding, I would expect that Orca would not work
as-is on Wayland, and maybe would need a fundamental redesign to follow the
migration away from X.

GDM on F22 is a Wayland session by default, so it is isolated from other
processes ie Orca.

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