plan: fix all remaining accessibility issues for gnome 3.18

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Mon Mar 23 02:23:05 UTC 2015

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I've just tested with latest gdm on f21, currently at version 3.15.92.
If I change wayland-enable from true to false, orca is then able to
access and read the gdm window. If it is turned back on, orca
immediately is blind. This proves wayland is the problem. Now to go
through the fun process of fixing it.
Kendell clark
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kendell clark wrote:
> hi This makes sense. I agree with wayland's approach.
> Unfortunately, this has the side effect of rendering orca useless
> until this can be fixed, which imo needs to be done yesterday. I'm
> not trying to be demanding, but this does need fixing, else blind
> users won't have access to linux's graphical sessions. Thanks 
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> Pete Travis wrote:
>> On Mar 22, 2015 6:53 PM, "kendell clark"
>> <coffeekingms at> wrote:
>> hi all. I'm writing in to let everyone on the desktop list know 
>> that I'm intending to work with anyone here and with the gnome 
>> people to fix all remaining accessibility issues for gnome 3.18. 
>> This currently includes, unlabeled controlls, buttons and links,
>> in various gnome control center modules. Duplicate controlls in
>> the power settings module, duplicate buttons in gnome tweak tool.
>> Gdm is inaccessible to orca. Orca is unable to see the login
>> screen so cannot navigate it's controlls. This last one is
>> exclusive to gnome 3.16, gnome 3.14 works just fine. I plan to
>> have all these issues ironed out in time for gnome 3.18 and f23.
>> I will file bugs, provide logs, anything that is necessary. My
>> plan is that by f23, there will be 0 (zero) accessibility issues
>> with orca and gnome shell. I would like to make one possible
>> request, not sure where this is applicable. Would it be possible,
>> as a temporary measure, to cause gdm to fall back to using x for
>> it's login screen when accessibility is enabled? I have no idea
>> how this can be done, but this would allow orca to again see the
>> screen and navigate it, until whatever is wrong in wayland can be
>> fixed up stream? If there are any people who work on gnome
>> itself, would you mind logging on to #fedora-accessibility, or I
>> can log on to #a11y on gnome's server to discuss issues? I don't
>> want to flood the list with accessibility traphic. Thanks Kendell
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>>> --
>> I'll throw out my vague understanding, in the hope that someone 
>> will validate or knock it down:
>> A big driver for moving to Wayland is the additional security 
>> context provided; one application, by design, cannot access
>> another application through the interface to the display server.
>> I *think* that orca works *because* it is able to access other
>> applications through Xorg.  So, based on this very basic
>> understanding, I would expect that Orca would not work as-is on
>> Wayland, and maybe would need a fundamental redesign to follow
>> the migration away from X.
>> GDM on F22 is a Wayland session by default, so it is isolated
>> from other processes ie Orca.
>> --Pete --Pete
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