Request to include gnome-maps by default in F22

drago01 drago01 at
Thu Mar 26 22:25:25 UTC 2015

On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 7:40 PM, Allan Day <allanpday at> wrote:
> Alberto Ruiz <aruiz at> wrote:
> ...
>>> Allan and I would like to include gnome-maps in the default
>>> Workstation installation in Fedora 22. It is a nice little core GNOME
>>> application (like Clocks and Weather) that has come a long way. In
>>> GNOME 3.16 (ie.  Fedora 22), it has Foursquare and Facebook
>>> integration for check-ins.
>>> Having the application in the default installation would let us turn
>>> on the the Foursquare provider in gnome-online-accounts. Otherwise,
>>> users will be looking at an option that they can't use out of the box,
>>> which is bad.
>> Nothing against adding the app per-se but the rationale seems a bit
>> troublesome.
> One part of the rationale, perhaps. I agree that "because we have a
> GOA account for it" is a bit backwards.
> That said, there are other good reasons to include Maps. It is a handy
> application to have in the default install, and useful as a utility,
> in the same way as a dictionary, Clocks or Weather. From GNOME 3.16,
> Maps has two-way integration with Contacts - you can search for
> contacts from within Maps, and Contacts includes small maps for
> addresses (which act as a link to Maps).
> So, key arguments: it's useful, in a good state, actively developed,
> and is increasingly integrated with the rest of the core utilities.

Well OTOH we have a proper software installer now so we do not have to
install things by default for those reasons any more.
It simply boils down to "would most user have installed it anyway?"
... and the answer here is "probably not" ... people would just have
used google maps instead.
But given fedora's mission it might make sense have it by default as a
free alternative to google maps.

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