Request to include gnome-maps by default in F22

Diogo Campos (gmail) diogocamposwd at
Thu Mar 26 23:00:00 UTC 2015

I don't know if my vote matters, but I will give anyway.

Totally +1 for this. Reasons:

It *doesn't* need Facebook and/or Foursquare account to be useful; it 
*is* useful itself. It doesn't have the same functionalities that other 
preinstalled app. It have the same UI pattern 
(GNOME/GTK3/HeaderBar/etc) that many other preinstalled apps. Is just 
329k. It is a (great) FOSS alternative to (unfortunately) widely used 
proprietary apps/services. *And* people will probably use it (or use it 
more) if it become more exposed.

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