package request: have qt-at-spi installed by default

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at
Fri Mar 27 01:52:52 UTC 2015

On Thu, 2015-03-26 at 17:32 -0500, kendell clark wrote:
>  I'm not sure if qt-at-spi pulls in most of qt with it, and if so I
> can see why it is not installed by default, but I don't believe it does

It does bring in all of Qt, but we install both versions of Qt by
default, so it doesn't matter.

It looks like it's important to include this by default... but that's
only worthwhile if it works out of the box, IMO. The shell script is
included in the -doc subpackage. It looks like you're intended to
manually install qt-at-spi-doc, then manually copy the shell script to
the desired location. I'm going to venture that the package is not worth
including by default if that step is required -- you already have to
know a magic incantation to make it work, so installing it is hardly any
extra challenge.

Maybe there's a good reason for it to be this way -- does turning on
accessibility in Qt have some sort of negative side-effect? -- but
realistically the package is not usable for nontechnical users if that
step is required. Hey Rex, what do you think we should do here?


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